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Horatio Burton

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Interview with Horatio Burton.

Q How long have you been in the lighting industry?

A 10-15 years approx.


Q What about the lighting & lighting design industry are you most passionate about?

A We work across a diverse range of architectural projects, and I really enjoy working on large-scale projects where the specialist lighting can be fully integrated and realised to support the architectural vision. Lighting design has the ability to significantly alter the mood of spaces, and also enhance the legibility of Architecture.

Q How has COVID affected your business & what affect do you think it will have on the future of the lighting design industry?


A Being in Australia we are fortunate that we are able to return to the office in a fairly normal way in 2021. Moving forward we would expect a continuation of remote working and video conferencing for many projects, but having said that things seem to be getting back to semi-normal. Travel restrictions will continue to impact the way we deliver projects internationally, especially when commissioning.

Q Can you give us an inspirational creative lighting project that you recommend we should look up to spark that inner lighting designer? (this could be your own project or just one you love)

A The University of Melbourne MCM project designed by John Wardle Architects was recently completed, and we were lucky enough to be involved.  Check it out:

Q How would you describe Light Asia in 3 words?


A Fun, collaborative & intense!


Q I heard it can be extremely competitive during the workshops. Can you remember what kind of projects you worked on while at Light Asia?


A In 2013 the event was located in a book publishing suburb in Korea. Each team was given a publishing house facade to use as a canvas to provide a feature lighting installation.  2013 was the first LA I think, so there were some teething issues in regards to logistics and having enough lights to accommodate all the installations. In the end it all worked out...

Q From your personal experience at LA, what changes do you think you would make to improve the experience or workshops? What things would you change?

A As above it is important that the logistics are carefully organised with enough manpower and lighting samples to cover the installations etc.


Q Would you recommend it to friends and colleagues?

A Absolutely! It was intense and heaps of fun, and a good cross-cultural experience for the guests, and also the students.


Q What was your favourite part of the events and workshops at LA? And why?


A Working with the students was a lot of fun, and immersing in a different culture.

Q Why should someone jump at the opportunity to attend LA? What exciting things should they prepare for?


A Someone should absolutely jump at the opportunity to attend LA! It is a fantastic learning experience- keep an open mind and just jump into it.

*Interviewed in 2020.


Horatio and the students' lighting installation in Paju

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