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About us

Light Asia is a non-profit organisation (NPO) offering workshops to inspire and educate students in a fulfilling way for global lighting designers to share their professional experience with the next generation of designers. Through these workshops, we aim to support building a lighting design network between international designers and attended students continuously.​ Most importantly, we intend to strengthen the importance of lighting design throughout Asia.

Our Team.

Jack Choo
Founder of Light Asia

Light Asia aims to become a trigger to invigorate the lighting design industry throughout Asia.

Bosun Lee
Vice President
Florian Douet_Square.jpg
Florian Douet
Honoured member
Picture 2_square.jpg
Miki Matsushita
Honoured member
Lightasia - The Next Generation 1.jpg

Light Asia in the Press.

arc June/July Issue 116  

Published on Jun 4, 2020  

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The Next Generation.jpg
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Light Asia - Press.jpg
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