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Anthony Linard

Anthony is an Associate Lighting Designer and leads the WSP Vision Design specialist lighting team in Canberra. With over seventeen years' experience in the field, Anthony is passionate about the role that good lightig design can have in creating beautiful, interesting and stimulating spaces. Anthony wants to help redefine the way lighting is used in our built environment, changing it from a utilitarian tool to something that stimulates and delights those who experience it.

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Interview with Anthony Linard.

Q How long have you been in the lighting industry?

A I drifted into lighting starting around 2003, so around seventeen years now.


Q What about the lighting & lighting design industry are you most passionate about?

A I enjoy the combination of creativity and science, and the way we can improve the built environment by contributing to the creation of interesting, beautiful spaces.

Q How has COVID affected your business & what affect do you think it will have on the future of the lighting design industry?


A The big changes have been videoconferencing and remote working. While I don’t think you can replace interacting in person, this year has shown how we can still work effectively from a distance some or most of the time.

Q Can you give us an inspirational creative lighting project that you recommend we should look up to spark that inner lighting designer? (this could be your own project or just one you love)

A I love the work of the light artist James Turrell. He uses light in ways that almost makes it seem it comes from nowhere, or everywhere, and it can completely change your perception of the space you are in.


Q Can you tell us about any new exciting projects you have coming up in the near future?


A We are close to commissioning a new façade lighting installation for Canberra’s Old Parliament House, which is an important and prominent heritage building, one of the oldest in Canberra. We’re looking forward to fine-tuning the installation in coming weeks, and hoping for a great result.

Q How would you describe Light Asia in 3 words?


A Collaboration, creativity, improvisation.


Q I heard it can be extremely competitive during the workshops. Can you remember what kind of projects you worked on while at Light Asia?


A We all worked on lighting installations in the grounds of the Wat Pathumwanaram Ratchaworawihan temple. The buildings were beautiful, and it was a real privilege to work on lighting installations in such a beautiful setting.

Q From your personal experience at LA, what changes do you think you would make to improve the experience or workshops? What things would you change?

A I joined Light Asia at the last minute, replacing a colleague who couldn’t attend, so more time to prepare would have been welcome, however it was still a great experience.


Q Would you recommend it to friends and colleagues?

A Yes, absolutely. For the students participating it would have been a great learning experience, and a unique chance to undertake hands-on lighting design and installation in a real-world setting. For us lighting designers who were guiding the students it was a wonderful chance to share knowledge with the students as well as meet and collaborate with other impressive designers from around the world.


Q What was your favourite part of the events and workshops at LA? And why?


A Interacting with all the people involved. The students were engaged and keen to learn, and meeting and collaborating with passionate lighting designers from around the world was inspiring.


Q Why should someone jump at the opportunity to attend LA? What exciting things should they prepare for?


A For student participants, any previous knowledge of lighting or architectural design would be useful, and definitely a willingness to improvise and be involved with the hands-on lighting design process. For lighting design leaders, bring a collection of lighting education materials and examples of any lighting tips and tricks you can think of that could help the students explore the possibilities of lighting design.

Finally, we wish you all the best. Light Asia hopes we can work together in the future too. Until then, please take care of yourself and keep safe.

*Interviewed in 2020.


Anthony and the students worked on Wat Pathumwanaram Ratchaworawihan temple.

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